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Access Control Systems

Protect your premises with cutting-edge access control system solutions

Four product examples of Proximity Readers for single door access control.

Ensuring the absolute safety of your business, no matter the size is an imperative security measure of any workplace. Our access control solutions help protect you, your business and of course your employees through state-of-the-art digital security systems. Access control is the process of controlling site security through digital and electronically controlled devices, whether that be through keypads, door access entry systems, pin code digital locking and much more.

These high-tech electronic devices ensure that only authorised personnel have entry to premises and associated areas through a secure mechanism. By simply installing access control systems, you can securely log who is present in the facility at a specific time ensuring maximum security for your business.

Protect Your Business with an Integrated Security Solution

As experienced access control security specialists, we understand the importance of choosing the right security system for your business and that can depend on the facility at hand, the size of the organisation and bespoke needs and requirements of the control system.

We install bespoke security solutions for individual access control as well as designing combined multiple entry systems that integrate a full security solution for your business. These state-of-the-art security systems are available in different forms, all of which are designed to suit specific security needs. Integrated access control systems can work together to provide a comprehensive protective security measure for businesses such as video CCTV surveillance, intruder alarms and security alarm signalling software. These measures combined tackle unwanted intruders and help prevent fewer break-ins through up-to-date notifications via wired and wireless technology 24 hours a day.

An example of our work

We carried out extensive access control design and installation as part of our contract for Cowes Enterprise College, Isle of Wight. This education sector-specific based project consisted of a full supply, installation and commissioning of refuge telephone and disabled toilet alarms, a comprehensive and widespread fire alarm system package and CCTV surveillance and video entry. A super contract we are extremely proud of which demonstrates how integrated security systems can be utilised in different social settings.

Whether you have a pre-existing system and you wish to further add to your security needs or you are looking for a full bespoke integrated access control digital security solution, our qualified team can accommodate your requirements to design a package to suit your needs. Fill out our enquiry form and we will be delighted to help you with your access control solution.

Paxton control system keypad

Door Access Control Systems

Tailor your security for your business needs

Paxton Company LogoTDSI Company logo with slogan "Access Everywhere".

Current access control systems like those manufactured by Paxton and TDSi are highly technology-driven. Proximity, Mifare and smart card systems can be implemented to control access with greater operational efficiency. All security systems can be stand-alone or PC-based.

A popular option amongst several million users includes the Net2 Access Control System, built by Paxton. Users have the option to integrate their access control structure with their intruder alarm, fire alarm and CCTV systems and have the choice of two different versions of Net2 Software; Lite and Pro, dependant on their needs.

Key cards, which can double as ID cards, help your company identify who is accessing your building and moving through groups of doors within the premises. The Roll Call & Muster feature provides the system administrator a report, listing all of the users within a specified area; very useful during an emergency or evacuation.

Users can increase their access control by having a live aerial image of their premises, allowing an overall view of the area; often required for larger-scale properties.

The type of access control system Network Security and Fire can offer depends on your requirements, what you want the system to do in respect of functionality and of course, budget. All of which are taken into consideration when putting forward our recommendations and proposals we provide. Please click on the PDF information sheet below to learn more about the Paxton Net2 Access Control.

Paxton Net2 Access Control
Examples of audio and video door entry systems for access control.

Audio and Video Door Entry Systems

Achieve high security with ease and innovation

Urmet Domus UK Logo

By combining our skills and experience with Urmet Domus, the leading Italian provider in audio and video door entry products, we can supply, install and maintain an extensive range of audio and video entry systems from simple one-to-one systems through to sophisticated digital systems.

The Elekta range of panels are the digital entry answer with IP protocol that allows access to IPerVoice and 2Voice digital systems. With the ability for remote door opening, features include video display and door open detection; helpful on large premises.

The combination of a stylish, user-friendly interface and state-of-the-art digital system makes this access control technology an asset to any facility, ensuring the utmost security.

Elekta Steel - Entry Panel
Elekta data sheet - Black
Diagram of key parts assembling a digital lock system and example of it in use.

Digital locking

Simons Voss Technologies Company logo

SmartIntego by Simons Voss has set the standard in building security technology. The state-of-the-art design of the integrated access control system is second to none. Exceptional in both design and technology and used by architects, planners and designers these digital security systems are certainly one of the best

The locking cylinder, SmartHandle, PIN code terminal, padlock and GatewayNode components can be seamlessly incorporated into existing building security systems. With auto-configuration, there is minimum disruption when the systems are integrated; and the radio frequencies it uses ensure a wide, interference-free range for the highest levels of performance and reliability.

After researching the product, we recommended SmartIntego to one of our clients; The University of Portsmouth, for installation within the new student accommodation. This award winning digital security system was integrated with the university’s existing TDSi access control system resulting in a perfect fit for the University. It presented reliability, value for money and fundamentally powerful integration capabilities.

The security of buildings and premises has never been as important as it is today. Investing in the SmartIntego access management system is certainly one to consider and can guarantee to monitor and protect your business.

At Network Security and Alarms, we install digital locking systems into several buildings and premises and perform routine maintenance depending on our client’s requirements. Take a look at one of our case studies at Rivergate Nursery and Primary School where we installed various access control systems comprising of digital locking systems, administration readers and panel mounted proximity readers.


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A disabled access button with the disabled person icon.

Equality Act Compliant Access Control

By increasing our understanding and knowledge of disabled people and their needs, Network Security and Alarms can provide the latest products and services that ensure our client’s premises and workplaces are fully compliant with The Equality Act, whilst allowing them to become more accessible to their disabled clients. An example of our work for disabled access control systems included the student accommodation at the University of Portsmouth.

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Case Studies

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