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Network Security and Fire have the ability and the resources to offer a wide range of security cameras and recording equipment by leading manufacturers such as vista and AXIS to help benefit your business and most importantly keep it safe. We offer proposals to suit an extensive range of premises from large or small commercial to heavy industrial sites. Our skillset extends to more diverse environments too including waste recycling centres, Hospitals and Universities

CCTV System Installation in London and the South of England

CCTV security systems provide peace of mind and protection that your business is being monitored at all times. The presence of a security system can decrease the risk of crime for your business by deterring the anti-social behaviour that leads to burglaries and vandalism. A CCTV system provides an instant notification of a crime and most importantly recorded evidence of the event that took place increasing the likelihood of the intruder getting caught.

Smart Security for your Premises

Our team at Network Security and Fire have the ability and skill set to install a various range of camera systems into your premises. As a result, you can expect countless security smarts contributing to higher protection for your business. Some examples are listed below:

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Our skills, knowledge and expertise are your safeguard.

Please click on the various PDF links below and browse the vista camera and monitor information sheets:


VK2-1080XVRD3V9e IP Camera Day Night VR.pdf


VK2-3MPVRDIR37e Dome camera with built in IR.pdf




Vista VFS100E Series HDMI LED Monitors.pdf


Vista VFS24 32HDIP IP Networked Monitor.pdf