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Alarm Signalling Systems

When it comes to protecting your business and reputation, BT Redcare alarm signalling systems are your go to equipment to keep you safe. Network Security and Fire are an installer of BT Redcare meaning that you know you are in safe hands 24 hours a day. Whether it’s a security or fire alarm signalling system, we can accommodate both to suit your bespoke requirements.

BT Redcare alarm signalling security system for fire and/or intruder alarms are amongst many of our maintenance and monitoring packages that we provide to our clients.

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Redcare GSM Roaming

This grade 4 alarm signalling system offers the highest level of protection using both phone line and mobile phone technology giving you peace of mind with consistent communication. The BT phone line on which GSM Roaming operates is monitored constantly. This ensures that in the event of the line being cut or there being a fault, a mobile signal is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) within just 40 seconds. A reliable and reassuring security solution for the busiest of businesses and Redcare GSM Roaming is LPS 1277 third-party certified exceeding European and British standards.

Redcare Secure IP and Secure 3

Secure IP signalling boasts many benefits for your business security such as:

  • An intelligent roaming SIM with the ability to switch between the main UK mobile networks for the best signal. 
  • It can be installed anytime with the Redcare easy network connection.
  • With remote diagnostics and servicing, it puts you in control with ease of use.

The Secure 3 system is ‘dual path’ which means that two separate routes are used to signal the alarms to your Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Therefore, in the event of one path being faulty or unavailable a signal will still be sent via the other path. This super system gives businesses the reassurance that an alarm system is in place in the event of a security breach. Redcare Secure 3 is a great solution for lower risk facilities. Please click on the various PDF links below to view the brochures.

Redcare Fire brochure
Redcare Secure brochure
Redcare GSM Roaming

Redcare Classic Fire

Redcare Classic Fire

Grade 4 alarm signalling that monitors property and premises every second of the day by actively checking that your alarm is always working. Redcare Classic Fire is suitable for all alarm systems; does not need a dedicated phone line; sends alarms even when the line is in use; works on broadband lines and is ideal for use where there is no or poor mobile phone signal coverage.

Redcare Secure Fire

Ensures that, if one path fails, there is another signalling path allowing any critical alarm messages to reach the ARC. The alarm signalling paths are provided by wireless mobile phone technology and your phone line or broadband (IP connection) to deliver the alarm signal. Both paths are always monitored and if there is any loss of service the ARC will be alerted.

CSL DualCom Gradeshift Alarm Signalling System

CSL DualCom GradeShift Security Alarm Signalling System

Connected Secure Live (CSL) Alarm Signalling System Logo

The reliable and professional alarm signalling product from Connected Secure Live (CSL) provides fire and security solutions for your business. The DualShift is recommended by insurance companies and the Police for commercial properties due to its guaranteed response minimising the likelihood of false alarms.

The single path options G2r and G3r utilise all mobile networks via WorldSIM to signal an alarm, an ideal solution where there is no telephone line available. The most popular path options, dual path G2, G3 and G4 utilise multiple signalling paths via WorldSIM to signal an alarm. They have been designed with the medium to highest risk premises in mind. These alarm signalling systems are fully approved to the EN50136 standards, giving you that extra peace of mind when choosing your product. Please click on the PDF link below to browse through the CSL security brochure:

CSL Security Range brochure 2016
CSL DualCom DigiAir Alarm Signalling System

DualCom DigiAir

Connected Secure Live (CSL) Alarm Signalling System Logo

An award winning wireless signalling system that utilises all mobile networks via WorldSIM instead of a telephone line to signal an alarm from the protected premises to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). This alarm signalling system is designed for low to medium risk premises, an ideal upgrade for wired digital communicators with the bonus of eliminating call costs and phone charges. The innovation of the DigiAir design enables engineers to install the digital communicator into a legacy control panel.

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