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Redcare GSM Roaming

This grade 4 alarm signalling system offers the highest level of protection using both phone line and mobile phone technology giving you peace of mind with consistent communication. The BT phone line on which GSM Roaming operates is monitored constantly. This ensures that in the event of the line being cut or there being a fault, a mobile signal is sent to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) within just 40 seconds. A reliable and reassuring security solution for the busiest of businesses and Redcare GSM Roaming is LPS 1277 third-party certified exceeding European and British standards.

Redcare Secure IP and Secure 3

Secure IP signalling boasts many benefits for your business security such as:

The Secure 3 system is ‘dual path’ which means that two separate routes are used to signal the alarms to your Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Therefore, in the event of one path being faulty or unavailable a signal will still be sent via the other path. This super system gives businesses the reassurance that an alarm system is in place in the event of a security breach. Redcare Secure 3 is a great solution for lower risk facilities. Please click on the various PDF links below to view the brochures.


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